From time to time Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch are given the opportunity to bring you details of offers that are available only to residents who have signed up to our OWL communications system. Our current offers are shown below and may be withdrawn at any time.

Whilst Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch encourages the use of featured technology solutions for the prevention and detection of crime, we are unable to endorse any specific brand or service, and residents are responsible for researching and comparing functionality and prices in the usual way, including obtaining alternative quotes should they wish to do so.

Questions should be directed to the company that is making the offer and not to Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch please.

RING and NEST Home Security Products

There is currently no NHW-specific discount offer on RING or NEST products - offers are available from time to time which can be found from general internet searches.

CAMSEC Security Ltd Installation - Video Doorbells, Alarms, CCTV

The CAMSEC offer is still available for the fitting of RING and other video doorbells, as well as Alarm and CCTV Systems. The "flyer" with the information is still available on this page to look at so that the range of services can be seen.

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